best way Remove Scratches From Car

Best Way To Remove Scratches From Car

Even the most careful drivers can get their cars scratched for a variety of reasons, so safe driving isn’t perfect. It may be both annoying and irritating to see your vehicle with large, unsightly damage caused by someone else’s careless driving, especially if it recently had a fresh paint or a wax finish. So, if you’re looking for ways to fix deep scratches on a car, we’d strongly advise you to go to a reputed autobody repair shop. However, we understand that going to an autobody shop for a minor dent may not always be viable or seems worthwhile. Whatever the cause, if you’re in the mood to do it yourself, here are a few methods to remove scratches from car.

Clear the surroundings

Before attempting to repair the scratch, thoroughly wash and dry it (and the surrounding area). Be cautious around the scrape to avoid aggravating the damage in any way. It is necessary to clean the area so that no dirt or dust particles become trapped in the scratch or the materials used to fill the mark.

As harsh soaps might damage your car’s protective layer, wash the area with car soap and pat it dry with a chamois or microfiber towel. To ensure that the area is completely clean and ready, swab it with rubbing alcohol to remove any lingering dirt or cleaner.

Use A Scratch Repair Kit

If your car’s scratches aren’t too deep, you might be able to patch them with a regular scratch repair kit. These are simple remedies that can be found at most auto supply stores.

Scratch repair kits include everything you need to remove minor to fairly deep scratches, such as scratch remover polish and paste, touch-up paint, and buffers. These kits, however, are not ideal for repairing severe scratches, so consider the degree of the scratch before choosing a repair kit.

However, not all of them are created equal. If you need help in selecting a kit, ask a store employee for their opinion.

Use Rubbing compound

Apply a tiny amount of the scratch remover to a buffing pad or microfiber cloth, whether you bought a kit or simply the compound. This gives you more control over the product than if you applied it straight on the scrape. In general, it is preferable to apply too little compound than too much, so proceed with caution. In some circumstances, your kit or compound container will likely provide instructions on how much to use.

Work the compound into the scratch with a buffing pad or cloth in smooth, tight, quick circles.

The compound is slightly abrasive, and buffing it into the damaged area allows it to wear down the rough edges of the scratch, resulting in a more uniform surface. (In a pinch, we’ve heard toothpaste will work similarly, although we wouldn’t suggest it.) If you buff too hard or too long, these compounds can damage paint, so keep an eye on the pad or cloth you’re using for symptoms of prospective paint removal.

Continue buffing until most of the product has been removed, then wipe away any excess with a cloth. Examine the scratch and, if necessary, repeat the buffing and polishing step. Most deep scratches should be removed by buffing with the compound. If you are unable to completely erase the scratch with the buffing compound, you may be able to conceal it with touch-up paint.

Use a glazing putty to remove Scratches from car

Glazing putty is available at most vehicle repair shops and supply stores. To use glazing putty, first wipe the scratch well with rubbing alcohol. This will remove any remaining wax and grime from the scratch and its surroundings. To avoid damaging your paint, use a soft and microfiber cloth.

Then, use your glazing putty, fill in the scratch. Unlike a scratch removal paste, you want to apply the putty directly to the surface of your car. For most scratch sizes, a dime-sized amount will suffice.

Spread it evenly into the gouge with a spreader tool or squeegee. The putty should fill in the scratch and enable restore the structure to its former state. Allow the putty to cure for two or three minutes, allowing it to solidify without interruption.

Remove excess putty to repair scratches

To produce a smooth surface, clean away any remaining putty. To complete the task, use a liquid paint leveller or a comparable solution. Apply the liquid paint leveller and rub it in with a microfiber cloth until the scratch looks like a flat, colored line with a translucent space around it. If desired, you can next paint over any scratches you’ve filled in.

Best way to Remove Scratches From Car
Best way to Remove Scratches From Car

Overpaint scratches

Whatever method you use to fix scratches on your car, you will eventually have to paint over them. This is often possible using basic touch-up paint, which is typically included with top-tier scratch removal kits. If the scratches are large or obviously visible, you might consider getting them touched up by a professional. When it comes to colour matching, touch-ups may be tough, so when you have larger scratches that need to be blended with your current paint colour, it’s typically best to leave it to the specialists.

Use a fine brush to remove scratches from car

If you decide to apply the touch-up paint yourself, make sure to use a fine-bristle paint brush. If your touch-up package did not include one, you may get affordable micro brushes at most auto parts stores.

Apply the touch-up paint gently and carefully to the appropriate area with your fine-bristle brush. Allow it to dry for 8 to 12 hours after completion. When the paint is dry, apply a wax layer to help seal and protect the freshly applied paint.


Though it requires some elbow grease, repairing significant scratches on your automobile is a doable chore that does not always necessitate the money or skill of an auto body repair business. However, before purchasing any of these items, consider how deep your scratch is and whether a house repair is worth the time and work. No matter whatever path you choose, an accurate and honest assessment of the severity will save you a lot of time, money, and effort.

Hope this article helped you to remove scratches from your car.

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